Product Summary

The amount of data involved in the management of security, human resources and access is continuously rising. Access control, attendance recording, time management, escape route security and additional factors, such as lift control, video surveillance and visitor management, have to be organised and coordinated. MATRIX Professional is a central control system for all of these different areas. The browser-based software is a comprehensive solution designed for large companies and organisations. The modular layout of MATRIX Professional means it can adapt perfectly to suit your current and future requirements.

One system, three modules

  • MATRIX Professional Access – the universal access control and escape route security solution
  • MATRIX Professional Time – the versatile attendance recording and time management solution
  • MATIX Professional Connect – the coordinated solution for SAP and other HR host systems
  • User-friendly thanks to intuitive operation
  • Open interfaces for flexible networking with partner applications
  • Customisable and versatile – a single user interface for various systems
  • Web-based and secure
  • Multilingual for international compatibility

Product Details

Comprehensive system – many significant advantages
MATRIX Professional is a networking system that solves the problem of managing large amounts of complex data. The user-friendly browser-based application and its ability to link open interfaces simplify the organisation of complex data in the overall system. All this can be done with just a few clicks.

Benefits for safety officers

  • The well-thought-out role structure defines clear responsibilities for security and HR
  • The integrated system eliminates individual data housekeeping for time and access data
  • All defined system parameters can be revised
  • Every version is penetration tested in independent audits for maximum security
  • The direct connection to dormakaba Security and Health Check speeds up audits
  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Benefits for IT staff

  • The web-based system minimises the workload
  • No need to install operating stations
  • Using virtualised systems is also a possibility
  • Modern 3-tier architecture separates data storage, data processing and data presentation
  • All common standards, such as TCP/IP, SSL and LDAP, are supported
  • Easy-to-manage interfaces to partner systems and external systems

Benefits for HR staff

  • Implementation of company guidelines or collective agreements
  • Recalculation option if processing instructions are changed
  • More effective working methods for time administrators thanks to the employee workflow; flexible options for exchanging data with HR programs
  • The integrated system eliminates individual data housekeeping for time and access data

Benefits for system administrators

  • Quick and easy-to-find favourite dialogs for standard tasks
  • Operation in a familiar browser environment
  • Informative analyses with the option of individual adjustment
  • Allocation of data groups to properties with an unlimited number of hierarchical data groups

Benefits for users

  • Online attendance recording
  • Fast response time for bookings
  • Improved transparency through the browser information portal
  • Standard workflows for requesting corrections and absences


Basic functions

  • Access control 
  • Electronic attendance recording and time management
  • Escape route security system


  • Visitor management
  • Pedestrian flow control
  • Lift control
  • Car park management

Selected options

  • General interface
  • Client administration
  • Room administration
  • Workplace administration
  • Alarm monitor
  • Further time management options


Components for access control

  • dormakaba registration units 90 00, 90 01, 90 02, 90 03 and 90 04
  • dormakaba compact readers 91 04, 91 10 and 91 12
  • Electronic fittings c-lever pro and c-lever compact
  • dormakaba cabinet Lock 21 10 and 21 20
  • dormakaba digital cylinder
  • dormakaba mechatronic cylinder
  • dormakaba access managers 92 00, 92 30 and 92 90
  • dormakaba Wireless Gateway 90 40

MATRIX Professional
MATRIX Professional
MATRIX Professional

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