Product Summary

The SI 17 xx series combines the security of a DIN- and EN-compliant protective fitting with the high resilience and flexibility of our OGRO technology. On the inside of the door, the exterior plate is easily combined with the OGRO lever handles and OGRO roses. The interior handle with the fixed pivoting bearing ensures durable stability.

  • SI protective fittings
  • Round, angular and cornered protective rosettes
  • SI 4099 security module

Product Details

SI protective fittings tested to ES 1-ZA (German Industrial Standard (DIN) 18257)

Class of protection:
ES 1-ZA (German Industrial Standard (DIN) 18257) comparable with S2-ZA (EN 1906)

Exterior fitting:
Material: ER
Panel width: 15 mm
Hole spacing: 72 or 92 mm
Cylinder protrusion: 13–18 mm
With ZA cylinder cover

Interior fitting:
Material: ER or aluminium
Lever handle: all OGRO models can be used, fixed pivoting bearing

OGRO 6500/ OGRO 6612 PZLever handles and roses from our OGRO systemThe protective fittings SI 1720 (with fixed knob) and SI 1721 (with lever handle) are designed especially for combination with the panic hardware system PHA 2500.

Round protective rosettes SI 6536 / 6545

  • SI 6536/11, 11 mm high aluminium
  • SI 6536/15, 15 mm high, aluminium
  • SI 6545/11, 10 mm high, ER
  • SI 6545/15, 14 mm high, ER

Angular sliding protective rosette PB 6646

PB 6646, 6 / 9 / 14 mm high, aluminium / ER

Oval sliding protective rosette PB 6649

PB 6649, 6 / 9 / 14 mm high, aluminium / ER

Lockable module for window handles SI 4099 security module

Lockable, window handle made of aluminium, alternatively of stainless steel, bottom part of rose made of metal with support pins and cap in aluminium for a concealed screw connection with protection against disassembly, screw hole spacing 43 mm, support pins 10 mm, protruding 30 mm with 7 mm spindle, M5 special screws, locking cylinder with 5 pin closures lockable in all rest positions.

Standard FE models = 4100, 4101, 4527, 4830, 4906, 4972 and 4998. Other FE models are available as alternatives for a surcharge.
Optional for windows with a tilt-first function. “Right” or “left” version must be stated with the order. Also available with button activation as an alternativeLock cover material. Module SI 4099 = Aluminium F1 or ER similarly anodised. Special colours available for a surcharge upon request.
Window handle material = anodised aluminium or alternatively stainless steel. Available with other pin lengths for a surcharge upon request.

Types of locks

a) different locks: each locking cylinder requires a separate key (2 keys are supplied for each handle).
b) same locks: all locking cylinders can be locked with the same key


Our security fittings satisfy the security standards recommended by police and were awarded the quality seal from the Bavarian Bureau of Criminal Investigations for mechanical security systems.

Protective fittings
Protective fittings
Protective fittings

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