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RCI ILO6 Controller

Recent building code changes require several enhancements to meet Barrier Free Washroom requirements, with emphasis on emergency assistance. RCI’s new ILO6 controller meets and exceeds these requirements.


Detalles de producto

12-24VDC input.

3 digit 8-segment LED display

6 1A @ 24VDC relay outputs SPDT

14 red/green I/O indicators

6 individual inputs and outputs

7 pre-programmed functions (with room for additional functions):

  • Function #1: Barrier-free washroom control with emergency call.
  • Function #2: Barrier-free washroom control with controlled access and emergency call.
  • Function #3: Communicating washroom with auto-operator control and emergency call.
  • Function #4: Communicating washroom with emergency call.
  • Function #5: 2-Door security interlock with emergency release (mantrap - closed and locked continuous).
  • Function #6: 2-Door safety interlock with emergency release (air lock - closed and unlocked).
  • Function #7: Multi-zone control.

6-zone control interface

  • ILO6 sold as a single controller or as part of a complete kit (ILO6KT) that includes the following items:
  • ILO6 door controller
  • Interior & exterior handicap push plates
  • Push to lock button
  • Emergency call button
  • Interior & exterior annunciator (audible/visual indicators)
  • Surface applied door contact
  • Emergency call sign (will vary by province & state)

  • 6 Individual inputs and outputs
  • 6 Zone control interface
  • FCC compliant
  • ISED compliant

ILO6 sold individually or in kit form – kit will include the following: 

  • Interior & exterior handicap push plates 
  • Push to lock button 
  • Emergency call button 
  • Interior & exterior annunciator (audible/visual indicators) 
  • Surface applied door contact 
  • OBC Emergency Call signage (will vary by province & state)