Infection protection with Hygienic glass screens

Treating each other in a friendly manner means continuing to show other people respect and consideration. Personal contact cannot be completely avoided in public places such as checkouts and counters in supermarkets, reception areas in medical practices, office buildings or administration buildings. As droplets are a common source of infection, it is extremely important to take the most stringent hygiene and infection control precautions.


Hygienic screens made of glass are a very important first line of defence. They serve to protect both sides while also acting as a connecting element because they are completely transparent. Different solutions are available for connecting the glass elements to each other or to existing work surfaces, such as service counters or checkouts.

Possible implementation of the Hygienic glass screens:

  • Securely fitted and installed at the bottom, with free edges at the sides
  • Securely installed between two columns or walls, with or without a partial connection below
  • Adjustable, with movable side leaves

Possible applications:

  • Retail, healthcare facilities, office buildings, administration buildings


Fyler Hygienic glass screens