dormakaba evolo smart

Convenient door management using your smartphone.

New employees, visitors and lost keys mean that it can quickly become tricky to maintain an overview of access and consequently secure your business. The dormakaba evolo smart Android app regulates which people can access your door. You do not need any additional hardware to program the locking components – instead, you can do this quickly and easily using your smartphone.

The most significant benefits:


  • Quick and convenient – program on your smartphone
  • Easy – simply delete and add access media
  • Safe – access can be restricted or changed at any time

Product videos

Product details

dormakaba evolo smart is an Android app (version 4.4 and higher) that offers a simple access management solution for small companies with fewer than 20 people.

The corresponding dormakaba evolo door components are available in various versions. They operate on a standalone basis, which means that the doors work autonomously and without wires; the components are powered by a battery. For example, the dormakaba digital cylinder is installed in the door instead of a mechanical locking cylinder and is straightforward to remove at a later point in time.

If a door needs to remain closed for longer periods of time, the dormakaba c-lever offers a fitting solution: the access medium is presented, the door opens for a few seconds and then closes again.

All evolo access components can be integrated into more powerful access solutions, if required, such as online systems. This means that your investment is secured for the long term and grows with your company.

  • Access media can be quickly and easily programmed and deleted using a smartphone
  • Maximum of 50 users
  • Access media can be read optically using a QR code (2D code)
  • Door status can be read
  • No internet connection is required as the system works locally


Smartphone requirements:

  • NFC interface
  • Camera
  • Android 4.4.1 or higher

App functions

Access list:

  • Up to 50 users, registered using their first and last names
  • Access at all times or by time windows (weekdays, from–to)

Door settings:

  • Door component settings: Buzzer access, buzzer access denied, LED, engaging time (2-60 seconds)
  • Define door name

Communication with the door component:

  • Export the access list to the digital cylinder, c-lever using programming master B (uniformly)
  • Door component time is synchronised with the smartphone time during the export

Door status:

  • Read and display the status of the door component (door name, battery condition, door component time/date, FW version, OS version)

Manufacturer overview:

List of successfully tested smartphones:

  • Google Nexus 4
  • Google Nexus 5
  • Google Nexus 7 (second Generation)
  • Google Nexus 10
  • Samsung Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy A5
  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha (SM-G850F)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Sony Xperia Z2
  • Sony Xperia Z3 compact
  • Sony Xperia Z5
  • Sony Xperia Z5 compact

Smartphones that have not fulfilled the test requirements:

  • Samsung S3 neo
  • Google Nexus 7 (first generation)
  • Google Nexus S
  • Sony Xperia Z
  • Sony Xperia Z1
  • HTC one mini 2
  • HTC 8/9
  • Huawei P8
  • Huawei VNS-L31


We recommend that you have your smartphone tested with the Kaba evolo smart app by a Kaba specialist retailer before purchasing a door component.

Small companies with one or two doors for employee access are faced with traditional access control challenges, with new employees joining the company, temporary staff, people leaving and keys being lost. The company must be able to respond to these challenges quickly and flexibly. dormakaba evolo smart offers a simple solution developed especially to meet these requirements.

Potential areas of use include:

  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Petrol stations
  • Agencies
  • Workshops
  • Start-ups