Stearawirts Hauserei , Austria

A cozy inn transforms into a lifestyle hotel with secure access controls based on an RFID lock system


How do you transform a heritage inn into a modern hotel offering top access control installations?

Located in Steeg, Austria, the traditional Gasthof Stern is run by the fourth generation of the Hauser family. Starting in 2004, the hotel building was repeatedly expanded, ultimately leading to the construction of an entirely new building with 12 modern rooms and suites in 2022. The Hauser family’s vision is to give every guest a beautiful, memorable experience. For this, security and comfort are critical, which is why the family has invested in energy-efficient doors, RFID locks and hands-free door openers. The result is a secure access control package that leaves nothing to be desired.

  • Place: Steeg, Austria, Europe

  • Completed: 2022

  • Owner: Guntram Hauser

  • Official website:

  • Sales partner: CORDA Geiger


How can stellar design be combined with technology to provide total comfort and security?

  • Use of a hands-free door opener system for uninhibited access

  • Seamless integration of premium access control installations

  • Roll-out of Confidant RFID locks as a robust security solution with a modern aesthetic

  • Fitting of ST FLEX Green automatic sliding doors with built-in escape route function

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"We have found a competent partner in the form of dormakaba when it comes to providing excellent security for our guests and our premises. From the consultation stage to the realization of the project, we are 100% satisfied."

Guntram Hauser

Owner & Managing Director


A flexible RFID lock concept

Arriving in style, entering in comfort

Guests know they are in good hands when they see quality automatic sliding doors and other electronic access control installations. Security solutions by dormakaba are designed to enhance the guests’ stay, making the check-in process shorter, offering peace of mind with regard to security, and providing unhindered access to rooms and other areas.

A complementary design

The electronic Confidant RFID locks are cast in brass to ensure they perfectly match the Tyrolean country house style that is evident throughout the hotel. The system is based on RFID contactless radio technology and can read all authorized room cards with ease. Authorization is assigned via the all-in-one programming unit (FDU), independently of where the system elements are located. Another benefit is that there is no need for power or data cables.

Automatic sliding doors

ST FLEX Green automatic sliding doors, which come complete with an escape route function, offer uninhibited access for guests and employees to the building itself, the ski room and the underground car park. These energy-efficient doors designed especially for the outside of the building combine transparency, accessibility, convenience and thermal insulation.

Simple access management with dormakaba evolo

The standalone design of the digital access components enables them to be installed quickly and easily inside almost any door or frame. evolo by dormakaba is a holistic modular solution that can be easily expanded and supplemented with other evolo digital components.

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