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Code compliant Specifications and Schedules

Our Solutions:

Architectural Specification Services 
Today, projects demand various types of solutions to address constraints laid out by Building Codes, Fire and Safety requirements, Design requirements, etc. In addition to these, there are sharp budget constraints as well. Another challenge today is ensuring the reality executed at site matches the design intent. Quite often, the choice of door and door hardware is not about aesthetics alone. They should be truly accessible, barrier-free and satisfy the fire, safety & security codes, etc. To meet these requirements and to bring the envisioned design to life, it requires trained hands and a continuous collaboration between the design fraternity, the specifier and the hardware manufacturer.

A team of qualified professionals at dormakaba, consisting of Architectural Hardware Consultants & Projects Specifiers, is fully available at your service to provide balanced solutions to suit your requirements from a single source. Our Specification Managers assist you directly throughout the life cycle of the project, from Conceptual Design stage to Maintenance and Modernization. 

dormakaba’s Architectural Specification Team are pioneers in providing solutions for verticals like Airports, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Sports & Entertainment, Commercial Facilities, Finance & Banking, Government Facilities, Residential, etc.

Hardware Scheduling 
Every door is different. The door requirements in a public building are completely different from that in a school or the bathroom/bedroom doors in residences. Understanding the project and the utility of the entrance systems, and then creating a hardware schedule most suited for a project can be taxing and is often overlooked. It calls for a specialist who can understand the demands of an architect and deliver the right hardware. 

dormakaba offers Hardware Scheduling services and assists in writing detailed specifications for hardware and access control throughout the project, with dimensions, quality requirements, compliance standards, security requirements, fit and finish, etc. It precisely conveys the requirements to the hardware manufacturer and puts that aspect of the project on track to ensure that you get the hardware on time. 

Being a hardware manufacturer with an extensive portfolio, dormakaba is in a unique position to provide just that.

Code Compliant Hardware Solutions 
There are various international standards governing the specifications of door hardware that a building needs to comply with to get certain certifications. The codes can vastly vary for various requirements. For instance, the International Building Code specifies the dimensions of the openings, fire resistance ratings for door assemblies at different pathways, fire exit labelling requirements, self-closing of doors at an event of smoke detection, etc. Similarly, there are different standards for doors that allow easy access for the physically challenged, blast-resistant doors for high security buildings, radio-frequency shielding for doors in MRI scanning centres, etc. With these specifications in place, the building becomes safer, and the door hardware plays a key role in safety compliance of the building and the health and safety of the building’s occupants. 
Only a hardware specialist can help you meet these regulations. Partner with dormakaba specification team and take full advantage of our extensive range of door hardware that meet various relevant local and international life safety codes and product standards such as ANSI, BS/EN. The versatile product range provides the flexibility for architects to exploit their creative freedom and design the spaces aesthetically as they wish. 

Keying Schedule and Consultations 
Striking a fine balance between security and convenience is crucial while designing Keying Schedules. Sometimes the Keying Schedules also need to involve Access controls too. It is important to let the right people in and restrict those who are not authorised. In a large project, the sheer scale of these selective restrictions in access control pose a great challenge. Designing lock systems for such a massive scale is complicated, and it is important to plan this in advance by means of a keying schedule.

Keying schedule creates a list of people and identifies the areas they are allowed access to/restricted from. This allows the lock manufacturer to create specific keys that either let a person to access a single door or different doors with a single key. Sometimes Mechatronics also come into play to ensure higher security. Simple Master keying, Keyed Alike systems, Cross Keying inside Master Keying systems, etc, need expertise and experience for hassle-free execution.

dormakaba offers keying schedule services and consultations that enables you to plan these restrictions for access in advance. Our experts work with architects and builders closely to provide protection and security to the buildings with selective access control, while ensuring ease of access to those who are authorised.

Single Source Consultation and Recommendations, from Access Control to Physical Hardware Configurations
Access into a building may be controlled by various mechanical and electronic systems. Smooth operation of these systems at exit/entry points depend on the proper integration of these two types of systems. The best solution for this challenge is to seek an one-stop consultant for all these components.
dormakaba specialises in both hardware and access control. This enables you to consult with a close-knit team of hardware and access control experts who can come up with a completely integrated access control and hardware solution that is suitable for your specific needs.

Detailed drawings and specifications: 
Construction is an expensive business, and every missed milestone and every tiny mis-step is expensive. Planning every aspect of the construction is a significant part of the process. Hardware and access control require detailed drawings and assessment of integrations and specifications, to provide clarity to the manufacturers. This enables the manufacturers to make and deliver those highly customised systems according to the schedule.

By working closely as a team of consultants, specifiers, manufacturers and installation personnel, dormakaba delivers on time distinguished solutions with perfect functionality as well as look and feel specified by the architect.

Strong and Easy-to-understand Specifications for Hardware in Tenders 
For projects, writing specifications for each and every hardware component is a tedious task, and lack of clarity or even minor miscommunications can lead to losses and delay as the project progresses. These specifications are key to getting the right quote through tenders. Ambiguities may lead to the quotes becoming over-estimated or underestimated. Changing or correcting those specifications and clarifying them after giving the contract to a company could halt the progress and cause huge losses. These delays and losses can be avoided by hiring those who specialise in writing hardware specifications. 

dormakaba has a team of experts who are experienced and proficient in writing hardware specifications. By ensuring that the specifications are complete and accurate, and conveyed clearly in tenders to the contractors, our team saves time and resources for you and enables your project to progress smoothly as per the schedule and plan.