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Hygienic Access Solutions


Hygiene is of paramount importance today and every day.  Some access products and solutions will require touch to enable functionality.  Products like Door Closers, Pull Handles, Lever Handles and the like may need physical touch to operate the doors.  dormakaba offers a range of products and solutions to assist with hygienic entry in buildings.  Be it a School, an Office, a Hotel or Retail spaces frequented by the public or even Hospitals & Healthcare facilities, dormakaba provides the right solution for hygienic entry for accessing a door.

Antimicrobial Coating

Antimicrobial Protect

The need to access a door with physical touch sometimes may be inevitable in a building or a facility. A challenge to maintain hygiene today, touch becomes sacred to everyone accessing a door by touching the hardware. 

As a pioneer in providing touch-free access solutions, dormakaba now introduces antimicrobial protection as a preventive measure wherever touch is essential to access a door.

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Hands Free Foot Plate - for wooden and metal doors


With this solution, dormakaba offers a product that makes opening a door truly hands free.  In all public places accessing a door by touching it increases the chance of infection from germs, bacteria or virus.  dormakaba’s hands free foot plate allows opening of the door by just stepping on it and pushing / pulling with the leg.  A simple solution that helps to avoid direct touch of the hardware and enabling access to the door.  This product is suitable for wooden and metal doors.

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Elbow Door Opener

Elbow door opener

While accessing a door in public spaces or in offices the chances of infection from germs, bacteria or virus is very high.  Certain doors need to be latched, eg., a fire door requires to be positively latched.    Alternate use of arm / elbow to operate the lever handle with an Elbow Door Opener will enable easy Ingress and Egress.  Touch can be eliminated when accessing such doors through the lever handle.  This solution does not require to replace the handle or drill any holes.  Retrofit is easy with an Elbow Door Opener from dormakaba.

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