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Workforce management solutions - App development

The Kaba App Shop is a tool that gives you an easy way to buy additional functions that you need. The apps are distributed to the installed B+ communication software, which then assigns them to the various devices.

Stay up-to-date and keep an eye on the Kaba App Shop, which we are constantly stocking up with new solutions and apps.


Product details


  • Quick and simple: With this app, you can select and order from the canteen menu.
  • Efficient: No more tiresome paperwork and the kitchen can plan, evaluate and bill more efficiently.


  • Flexible and simple: Customised surveys of visitors and staff can be carried out and evaluated quickly with this app.

Room reservation

  • Smart: With this app, everyone can see which meeting rooms have been booked and at what times and can make their room reservations at their own convenience.

Personal data record changes

  • Revolutionary: It‘s never been easier and quicker to change or update addresses and other personal details.