cowboys stadium interior glass solutions - box seats in the jerry dome
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Stadium and entertainment venue operators are faced with multiple challenges: providing a safe and welcoming experience to all that enter the venue and, having to comply with increasingly strict regulations regarding codes, emergency exit strategies and violence. Admitting thousands of spectators into a venue within a short time frame requires careful planning and versatile systems to control authorized entry. We have a proven track record of understanding and solving all complex challenges. Our systems protect fans, employees, athletes, performers, and property while delivering user convenience and operational efficiency.

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dormakaba’s portfolio of stadium solutions meet the highest standards of reliability and comply with many international security requirements. Our tripod turnstiles integrated with ticket readers are in play at many major arenas around the world, as are our sensor barriers and full-height turnstiles.  dormakaba automatic sliding doors offer ADA-compliant, barrier-free access for accommodating persons with disabilities and moving supplies. For elegant transitions between spaces, our interior glass systems offer the beauty of an open design as they effectively partition areas while providing complete transparency. Known for their rugged dependability and architectural designs, dormakaba doors and door hardware offers the complete opening solution. And for security at less-sensitive areas (such as storage rooms and utility areas), our keyless and electronic locks are a secure choice.

From the sky box to the press box and galleries, dormakaba has a winning combination of stadium solutions that ensure a safe, secure and welcoming spectator experience:

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cowboys stadium interior glass solutions - box seats in the jerry dome
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