Corporate Offices
Offices & commercial environments require secure & compliant access solutions

Corporate Offices

Offices and commercial environments require secure and compliant access solutions. In many new-build developments, architects look for hardware that blends into the design of the building and complies with the latest regulations. Meanwhile occupants want security, easy operation, low key-replacement and maintenance costs plus investment security.

Functional, whilst aesthetically pleasing and secure, dormakaba’s extensive range of entrance systems, glass doors, partitions and door hardware, meet and often exceed both these requirements. 

Whether owner-occupied with long-term requirements or rented on a short-term basis, office spaces need a flexible access control system, where different visitors and regular users can be defined and given access rights depending on their job role and the areas they need to access.

dormakaba offers an intelligent, electronic access control system, which can be combined with either mechanical master-key systems or electronic hardware and readers, in addition to manual and automatic doors, security revolving doors, and staff turnstiles. Coupled with our workforce management systems, dormakaba offer unprecedented capabilities to enhance office security, improve workforce productivity and reduce administrative burden.

Try to #GoAutomatic. Your office space needs to evolve with the times to ensure that employees are safe as well as feel safe. 

dormakaba offering for office buildings

pic_Entrance Systems
Entrance Systems

Revolving Doors
Security Revolving Doors
Automatic sliding doors
Swing door operators
SST FLEX breakout sliding door
TST/FTST Telescopic Sliding Door 
ST FLEX Sliding Doors

Banking and Finance

Physical Access Systems

Full-height turnstiles

Half-height turnstiles
Half-height Sensor Barrier
Personal Interlocks
Sensor barriers

Electronic Access & Data

Time and Attendance
Biometric fingerprint systems
Electronic Door Locks
Card Readers & Peripherals
Safe Lock

Door Hardware

Door Closers
Panic Hardware
Electro-magnetic Locks
Electro-mechanical Locks

Mechanical Key Systems

Mechanical Key Systems


Interior Glass Systems

Manual Sliding Door Systems
Fittings for glass assemblies

Horizontal sliding walls


Touch Free Access Solutions

Touch Free Access Solutions

Movable Walls

Horizontal Sliding folding Acoustical Glass partition
Horizontal Sliding folding Acoustical opaque partition
Vertical Folding Acoustical Glass partition
Vertical Folding Acoustical Opaque partition
Sliding Folding Glass partition

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