Product Summary

BlueSky Access is available for operators with limited resources to develop an app or those who simply want to evaluate our mobile access solution. BlueSky Access app is available to download on both iOS and Android smart devices and can be deployed across any property to create a simplified guest experience, while also streamlining hotel operations. 

  • Capable of being deployed across multiple properties
  • Ilco/Saflok BLE enabled RFID locks seamlessly integrated
  • Flexible, scalable and sustainable with comprehensive service and support programs

Technical details

The BlueSky app includes dormakaba’s SDK (Software Development Kit), developed and secured by LEGIC Connect, renowned globally for highly-secure communication and identification. 


Ilco and Saflok Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled RFID locks allow access to authorized users simply by placing their mobile device with the BlueSky app near the RFID reader. The BLE module reads the BlueSky access key, communicates with the property management network, and determines whether the unique, encrypted code conveyed by the mobile device is on an approved “pass” list. Once confirmed, access is allowed, and the event is recorded for audit purposes. 


dormakaba’s Ilco and Saflok Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled electronic locks are the foundation for the transition to BlueSky mobile access. 


Once the BlueSky app has been downloaded, guests are able to receive their room key on their smart device allowing access to authorized areas throughout the hotel property: guestrooms, perimeter access points and common areas. Upon arrival, they can bypass the front desk and go straight to their room. 

Saffire LX Door
Saflok Quantum Pixel BLE
Saflok Quantum RFID BLE

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