Product Summary

Outstanding user convenience and unique operational behaviour characterize the automatic sliding door operator CS 80 MAGNEO. The door is driven by the magnetic and thus contactless shear wave of a linear DC motor. The CS 80 MAGNEO thus offers the twin benefits of almost silent operation and the ultimate in reliabilty.

  • Flexible and versatile
  • For single-panel doors
  • Door width from 650 to 1060 mm
  • Simple installation, easy operation
  • Modular system

Product Details

Flexible and versatile

Due to the flexibility of this new system, the CS 80 MAGNEO opens up various fields of application. The sliding door operator is extremely versatile as it is suitable for in-wall (corridor) or on-wall (face-fix) installation, with both handing options available.

Simple installation and easy operation

For professionals and the normally skilled, the CS 80 MAGNEO is straightforward to install and easy to operate. The automatic sliding door operator offers all important standard functions and various special functions for your convenience.

Modular system

The CS 80 MAGNEO is a modular system consisting of door kits, cover and fixings, the CS 80 MAGNEO operator and accessories. The system allows virtually any door to be configured as an automatic sliding door.

Quality tested

The door system is tested for a minimum service life of 1 million cycles and is approved for application in emergency exits and escape routes according to DIN 18650 / EN 16005 and the German guidelines for automatic sliding doors in escape routes (AutSchR).

CS 80 MAGNEO Sliding door operator
CS 80 MAGNEO Sliding door operator
CS 80 MAGNEO Sliding door operator

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