Product Summary

SVP emergency escape locks with automatic locking action are the ideal solution to ensuring security for solid and profile doors. With the integrated emergency escape function, the door can be opened at any time in the escape direction by simply operating the lever handle. The automatic locking mechanism secures the door after the closing action. SVP 7000 Air is a radio-controlled lock for wireless integration.

  • Battery-powered lock
  • Emergency escape/panic function in accordance with EN 179
  • Automatic locking and relocking action
  • Handheld radio transmitter for authorized access from the secure side
  • Easy programming of up to 100 users directly at the radio lock

Product Details

Convenient, safe and secure

SVP 7000 Air enables a hassle-free integration in an access control system for existing buildings in which a more invasive retrofit is not possible. The integral battery-powered radio unit offers all the benefits of stand-alone wireless locking and unlocking of the door. The opening of the door in escape direction is guaranteed by means of the lock’s emergency escape function. This allows the opening of the door by simply operating the lever handle, while the automatic relocking mechanism secures the door through a 20 mm trip latch projection.

Access control integration

SVP 7000 Air is an ideal solution to implement an electronic access control compliant with property insurance requirements. It can be easily incorporated into an access control system- e.g. TMS door management system, MATRIX software platform- or linked to external control devices. Alternatively, SVP 7000 Air can be applied as a standalone version, being activated via a transponder or card reader.

Easy to retrofit

As the lock is equipped with a battery-powered radio unit, the sometimes complex cabling work at the door is not required anymore. Installation or retrofitting is therefore particularly simple and the existing mortise lock merely needs to be replaced by the SVP 7000 Air unit.

Operational versatility

SVP locks are available in different models suitable for over-rebated or flush-closing solid doors. They are likewise flexible in terms of their installation position thanks to the non-handed (universal) trip latch. They have been approved as emergency exit locks for doors in escape routes and for use on fire and smoke check doors.

SVP 7000 Air Emergency escape lock
SVP 7000 Air Emergency escape lock

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