Product Summary

SVP emergency escape locks with automatic locking action are the ideal solution to ensuring security for solid and profile doors. With the integrated emergency escape function, the door can be opened at any time in the escape direction by simply operating the lever handle. The automatic locking mechanism secures the door after the closing action. For solid doors, improved functions simplify the door opening by e.g. an improved power ratio and offer multiple installation advantages.

SVP 6000 is an electrically monitored solenoid lock with anti-tamper detectors and split follower for electrical activation/deactivation of the external lever handle.

  • Electrically monitored solenoid lock
  • Approved in accordance with EN 179
  • Automatic locking and relocking action
  • For solid doors: Flexible adaptation of fail-safe and fail secure modes
  • For solid doors: Universal voltage alignment from 12 V to 24 V DC
  • Universal trip latch, preconfigured for operation

Product Details

Convenient, safe and secure
The SVP 6000 emergency escape lock is particularly suitable for entrance or external doors that need to be permanently accessed from the inside but rendered accessible from the outside by authorized persons only. The automatic panic function ensures the opening in escape direction in case of an emergency. With the automatic relocking action, the door is secured after each closure by means of a 20 mm throw deadbolt and engagement of the clawbolt latch, in accordance with property insurance requirements.

Range of monitoring functions
The feedback contacts of the lock allow the latch, deadbolt, cylinder and lever handle all to be monitored. The signaling functions are particularly suitable for monitoring and ensuring the convenient operation of doors in emergency exit and escape routes, but can also be used to trigger alarm systems or for remote monitoring.

Access control integration
Thanks to its external lever handle solenoid, the SVP 6000 offers a simple solution to satisfying property insurance locking requirements and also providing an effective access control system. The external lever handle can, for example, be activated by means of a floating signal triggered by a card reader.

Operational versatility
SVP locks are available in different models suitable for over-rebated or flush-closing solid doors. They are likewise flexible in terms of their installation position thanks to the non-handed (universal) trip latch. They have been approved as emergency exit locks for doors in escape routes and for use on fire and smoke check doors.

Lock SVP 6000
Lock SVP 6000
Lock SVP 6000

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