Product Summary

The all-glass revolving door KTV ATRIUM FLEX impresses with its transparent and elegant design. The modern direct drive KT FLEX Direct installed in the ceiling enables individual and demand-oriented drive solutions and, together with the light ring, represents an incomparable design feature.

KTV ATRIUM FLEX revolving doors inspire with their exceptional performance and flexible equipment options.

  • Three- or four-wing design
  • Glazed drum walls or with metal paneling
  • For manual operation (KTV/M)
  • Additional night shields (optional)
  • Automatic operation (KTV/A)

Product Details

Light, open and elegant

The three- and four-leaf KTV ATRIUM FLEX as an all-glass construction is available with an inner diameter of 2,000 mm to 3,000 mm. Clearance heights of up to 4,000 mm can be realised even with the largest possible system diameter. The door adapts to the current object design of preferably transparent facades made of steel and glass with increasingly slender profiles and almost full-surface glazing.

The KTV ATRIUM FLEX is characterised by maximum transparency in combination with a particularly slim and unobtrusive profile system. This makes it ideal for modern façades, but it can also be excellently combined with historical buildings. 


  • KT FLEX direct drive system with selectable operating mode:
    • manual operation (with speed limitation)
    • automatic positioning/servomatic operation (low energy)
    • automatic
  • LED light ring
  • Handles or handle bars
  • Locking device
  • Stainless steel floor ring
  • Clean stripe mat

Ideal for use in:

  • Hotels 
  • Office buildings 
  • Museums


The KTV ATRIUM FLEX is TÜV type-tested according to EN 16005.


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