Exit Pad con diseño Contur

  • Panic Hardware Exit Pad in Contur Design

    1/1Panic Hardware Exit Pad in Contur Design

  • Panic Hardware Exit Pad in Contur Design

Descripción del producto

La serie Exit Pad de dormakaba representa productos que se instalan en la superficie de la hoja de la puerta. El pestillo de cierre a marco de la puerta. Al igual que en el caso de dispositivos de salida de pánico PHA 2000 y PHB 3000, cumple con los requisitos de la norma EN 179 como productos montados en superficie sin bloqueo por separado.

  • No guarda mano
  • Buena estética de alta calidad sin fijaciones visibles
  • Diferentes opciones de bloqueo
  • Montaje rápido y fácil
  • También para puertas en todo el vidrio o puertas enmarcadas
  • Para dispositivos de bloqueo horizontal y vertical
Detalles del producto

Exit Pads according to EN 179
The latch engages in a keeper on the door frame. As in the case of panic exit devices PHA 2000 and PHB 3000, Exit Pads meet the requirements of EN 179 as surface-mounted products without connection to a separate lock.

Exit Pads are used in buildings with no public pedestrian traffic. It is expected that people using the building are familiar with the exits and their fittings, avoiding the likelihood of a panic situation developing.

Tested for safety
The emergency exit devices of the Exit Pad series are tested to and certified compliant with EN 179. All products meet the requirements of Annex ZA to EN 179 and are therefore qualified to bear the EU mark of conformity.

Benefits for the user

  • Simple operation
  • Excellent quality ensures long lifespan

Exit Pad on toughened glass doors
Consistent high quality, readily adaptable. PHA 2000 and Exit Pad devices can be fitted to a wide range of toughened glass doors, offering high user safety and security, easy and reliable operation plus excellent quality for a long service life as well as satisfying the safety requirements of EN 179.

Benefits for the trade/distributor

  • All-in-one packaging foreasy stocking
  • Non-handed
  • Universal use of dormakaba PHT external fittings

Benefits for the installer/fabricator

  • Straightforward fixing
  • Easy adjustment to different door widths and heights

Benefits for or the architect/specifier

  • High-quality appearance with no visible fixings
  • Connecting rods with metal covers
  • External fitting with dormakaba lever handle or knob

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