Product Summary

Hotel safe plays an important role in enhancing the security level of hotels. The newly launched DKSF series of hotel safe by dormakaba perfectly combines impeccable structure, advanced safety functions and user-friendly operation; the DKSF series also has a unique electronic low-consumption design. The product has passed CE certification and ROHS certification. It can provide the greatest protection for your customers' valuables, and provide a comprehensive and convenient total security solution for you.

Product Details

  • Side opening and top opening two styles
  • CE certification and ROHS certification
  • Double lock head design, high-quality motor drive can make the door open and close move smoothly and without noise
  • After opening the door, the 3~6-digit password can be changed arbitrarily, and the handheld or mechanical key can be optional
  • If you enter the wrong password four times, it will be automatically locked for 15 minutes; you can choose the password hiding function
  • Large-size LED display screen, which can show battery level indication, programming status and door opening and closing records, etc.
  • The system can record the  latest 100 records of user's door opening and closing, and each record contains the user's operation method, type and specific operation time
  • Unique electronic low-power design, 4 AA (1.5) batteries can be used for more than one year
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safe lock product image
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