Product Summary

With their versatile glass partitions, dormakaba provides the ideal solution for linking or separating rooms according to your individual requirements. FSW folding sliding walls are the suitable alternative to HSW-G systems as they almost match in terms of their visual appearance and technology.

  • Movable panels for transparent interior designs
  • FSW-G is guided at the outer edges
  • FSW-C with central track rollers with folding front-panel in half panel width
  • No need for a separate stacking track

Product Details

FSW-G - Fully glazed with door rails

The door rails of the FSW-G are connected to one another at the top and bottom by hinges, and its panels are suspended at the end of the top rails. The closed wall transforms effortlessly into a compact parked stack when required - without the need for a separate stacking track.

Folding sliding walls are ideal for a straight-line system configuration

Because the panels of a FSW system are visually compatible with the HSW-G panels, both system types can use the same track rail construction and can be effectively combined within a single frontage. Consequently, an FSW system can also be complemented through the addition of a free-standing HSW double-action or single-action end panel.

FSW-C - Roller carrier position at door rail centre

The panels of the FSW-C are hung in the middle of the panel so that the elements are located centrally beneath the track rail when the system is open. The alternative whenever space is tight, as the stacked panels take up only half the space inside and out.

Large spans can be implemented with the FSW-C and the number of panels per system can be freely selected between three and eight. Thanks to the central suspension point, pairing is not necessary. Double systems with two counterrunning assemblies can also be installed.

The panels are guided on a sturdy track rail fixed to the ceiling. An additional floor track is not required, so the floor covering can be laid without interruption. Folding sliding walls require a half-width base panel fitted with pivot bearings, to which the folding panels are connected. In order to maintain system symmetry, the final folding panel without a track roller is also of half-width design.


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