Product Summary

M-SVP 2000 emergency escape locks with automatic multipoint locking systems provide enhanced intruder protection for doors in private homes and in project builds. The powerful dual motor unlocks the door on actuation via an entry control system, intercom etc. and relocks the door securely in accordance with property insurance requirements every time it is closed. Combined with steel hook bolts, the lock provides high anti-intruder protection up to resistance class 4. M-SVP 2000 locks are supplied as a complete, profile-related installation system; all control components can be integrated seamlessly into the door frame. M-SVP 2000 locks have been approved as emergency exit locks for doors in escape routes and for use on fire and smoke check doors.

  • Automatic relocking action
  • Motorised locking and unlocking
  • Emergency escape function in accordance with EN 179
  • Latch locking during day function and permanent door release
  • Control and connection components for frame mounting

Product Details

Multipoint locking for intruder protection up to resistance class 4 in suitable door systems

M-SVP 2000 multipoint locking systems ensure door systems are locked extremely securely – automatically every time they are closed. All locking components are made of high-quality steel; the dual motor drives the hook bolts securely into the strike plates.


Tight closure of the door saves energy

Not only does the tight locking system prevent the door from being lifted off its hinges, it also ensures the door fits snugly in the frame, which means less energy and heat are lost. This makes a significant contribution towards sustainable building and compliance with door system standard EN 14351.


Convenient access thanks to motorised unlocking

The motor lock really comes into its own when used in conjunction with access control systems, as the door can then be unlocked with ease from a remote position. The status of the locking device is signalled audibly and visually by the control unit. The door can also always be opened using the lever handle or via the profile cylinder.


Barrier-free access solutions with M-SVP

Where usage frequency is high, the permanent door release function or latch locking during day function (only the latch is extended) can be activated. By combining the lock with automatic actuators such as the dormakaba ED 100/250, barrier-free access solutions tailored to specific application requirements can be implemented. Feedback on the status of the lock can be analysed by the alarm system, for example.


Control components seamlessly integrated

The control unit, power supply and plunger contacts that accompany the lock are seamlessly integrated into the door frame – no separate installation is required. The plunger contacts for power and data transmission eliminate the need for traditional cable loops and simplify the installation and maintenance of the door.


Minimal configuration effort when ordering

The M-SVP 2000 is available as a profile-related equipment package for doors made of steel, aluminium, wood and PVC. All control components, connecting cables and locking parts etc. are matched to the individual door profile and included in the package, thus significantly reducing the effort required for configuration during the order process. Free-turning cylinders with the FZG marking are required for trouble-free operation of M-SVP 2000 motorised locks.


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