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DORMA TMS UP flush-mounted System Components

With DORMA's flush-mounted system components, you can upgrade extend the functional range of flush-mounted TMS systems. All components are ready for connection to the flush-mounted TL-S TMS Comfort control unit or RZ TMS 2 escape route control boxes. They are also suitable for use in conjunction with cover frames from different switch ranges.

  • All flush-mounted TMS components are mutually compatible
  • Connection of devices with analogue switching contacts
  • Touch screen display with down counter
  • Emergency pushbuttons and key switches
  • Card readers with DCW® bus technology

Product details


Emergency pushbutton to open TMS escape route systems, ready for connection to RZ TMS 2 or the TL-S TMS 2 control board via DCW® system bus. Including visual and acoustic alarm and anti-tamper protection. The emergency pushbutton is covered by shatterproof safety glass.


Key switch for flush-mounted TL-UP Design door terminals or flush-mounted TMS Comfort systems, ready to lock and unlock doors with application in emergency exit control systems and door management systems.

Flush-mounted DCW® input/output module

Bus interface module with two or three freely programmable inputs and outputs for connection of devices with analogue switching contacts to the DORMA DCW® system bus. Ready for installation in device boxes.


The LCD touch screen display allows the control of TMS systems and the visualisation of the system status. Via the keys, which are re-arranged randomly, authorised users can lock and unlock the door. In conjunction with the ZM 208 DCW® timer module, the TSD is ready for use as down counter. The system is connected via the DCW® system bus.

Flush-mounted siren S55

Multifunctional siren for installation in device boxes, 28 programmable sounds, international emergency signal for evacuation and adjustable volume to up to 107 dB/A.

Flush-mounted DCW® card reader

Flush-mounted card reader with keypad for installation in various switch ranges. The system is connected to the TMS via the DCW® system bus.

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