Product Summary

This Series consists of Classic 51,Classic 55,Classic 60, 0.65NRC

Skyfold Classic walls fold vertically into a ceiling storage pocket. The accordion style of panel folding means that the Classic can reach higher ceiling heights, and offers the most flexibility in dealing with ceiling obstructions.

  • Retracts into the Ceiling to Maximize Floor Space
  • Industry-Leading STC ratings
  • No Floor, Wall Tracks or Visible Hinges
  • Fully Automatic
  • Easy-to-Use Turn-Key or Digital Keypad Operation
  • Quiet Operation
  • Lightweight Panels
  • Panels do not experience the usual wear and tear
  • Will outlast conventional wall systems
  • Flat and Rigid
  • Cost-Effective and Lightweight Structure
  • Variety of Finish Options
  • Configurations of intersections at 90° or more
  • Can accomodate to Stepped or Sloped floor
  • Equipped with a Safety Obstruction Sensor
  • Made to Last
  • Not expensive to replace damaged panels

Product Details

  • A space-saving vertical movable wall system that retracts to the ceiling
  • Fully automatic, rapid and reliable
  • Easy operation at the press of a button
  • No wall or floor rails
  • Acoustic insulation with sound reduction ratings up to Rw 59 dB
  • Straight, angled, inclined or stepped layouts possible
  • Stable and flat lightweight construction from 34 kg/m²
  • Can be provided with an effective acoustic finish (Classic NRC)

Technical Details

  • Acoustic Rating of System – up to STC 60 (RW 59) , also available Classic NRC with STC 50 (RW 49) NRC up to 0.65
  • Acoustic Rating of Panels – up to STC 66 (RW 64)
  • Max. Wall Height -Available up to 11000mm for all models ( 8535mm for Classic 60)
  • Max. Wall Length – Unlimited Length
  • Weighs 34.2 to 46.0 kg/m2, compared to 48.8 to 58.6kg with conventional movable walls
  • Ceiling Space Required for Storage (approx.*) – Varies from 615mm to 1960mm
  • Ceiling Pocket Width (approx.*) – Varies from 1400mm to 1750mm
  • Finish Options- Classic 51,55 & 60 are available in Vinyl, fabric, specialty metals, plastic laminates, marking surfaces, wood veneer, and more. Classic NRC is available in acoustically transparent fabric only.
  • No Floor & Wall Tracks
  • Back-Up Operation
  • Obstruction Safety Sensor with Auto-Reverse function
  • Can be integrated with fire alarm system
  • Warraty – for Parts & Labor up to 2Year  or 5000 cycles which occurs first. Optional Extended Warranty available upon request.
  • Digital Touch Screen Option Available


The operable wall shall open and close in a manner similar to an accordion, in that all wall panels fold and unfold at the exact same time, at the exact same rate.

The operable wall shall be opened and closed using a push button or using  touch screen In both scenarios, when hand pressure is removed, the wall shall immediately stop


  • Steel panel constructed with honeycomb core
  • Acoustic installation behind each panel
  • Double panel configuration creates air space chamber
  • Operates on a pantograph mechanism.
  • Operated by two push button switches controlled by a single three position key switch
  • Uses aircraft grade wire cables sized for a high safety factor
  • Each cable is lifted by a separate cable drum
  • Bottom leading edge equipped with an obstruction sensor with auto-reverse


The Classic™ Series was developed to meet the acoustic challenges of geometrically variable spaces from the simple (offices, classrooms) to the complex (auditoriums with sloped and stepped floors).

Skyfold Classic™ Series

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