Product Summary

Horizontal sliding wall with rugged frames for maximum protection. The HSW-R glass sliding wall is especially suitable for applications that may be exposed to higher wind loads - such as shop windows or exterior shop entrances. The frames are made of aluminium alloy and surround the glass from all sides. Lateral rubber lips and brush seals at the top and the bottom provide additional protection during bad weather.

  • Resistance against mechanical load
  • Reduced weather effects and draft due to robust profile frame with brush and rubber lip sealings
  • Light metal frame system
  • Suitable for safety glass, laminated safety glass, insulating glass and special glass

Technical Details

  • Max. system height: 3000 mm
  • Max. panel width: 1100 mm
  • Max. panel weight: 100 kg
  • For glass thicknesses from 8 to 22 mm (other glass thicknesses available upon request)

You can find additional technical information in the technical documents for download.


For use in:

  • Shops and shopping centers
  • Banks and insurance companies

Glass sliding front HSW-R
Glass sliding front HSW-R

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