Product Summary

With more than 1,600 realised installations, Advancis is a leading brand in the PSIM industry with offices and partners around the world. The company was founded in 1994 with the goal of developing a command & control management platform to unify disparate security systems and to provide real time incident handling for security control rooms.

Our mission is to offer the most stable and innovative PSIM solution on the market that provides the benefits of open architecture, cost efficiency and scalability as well as to provide high levels of support throughout a project’s life cycle.

WinGuard from Advancis is an open architecture command & control platform to integrate and unify security, building automation, IT and communication systems. Most essentially WinGuard provides operators with an instant picture of full situational analysis for decision making, command and control of all systems as well as dynamic and interactive handling procedures for live security incidents via the control room and in the field for mobile security agents.

Proprietary interfaces enable transfer of event messages as well as comprehensive control of all linked systems. All system states are collectively displayed in only one user interface. The user profits from a unified and intuitive operation of a wide variety of different systems. In addition, WinGuard offers program-guided instructions for event processing – for a quick and secure management of the situation.

Using WinGuard as centralised management system reduces purchasing and maintenance costs for other control units as well as personnel and training costs. The modular extensibility of WinGuard offers high investment protection. Due to individually adapted modules for particular functions, systems, workflows or verticals, WinGuard also responds to specific requirements.

  • Vendor-neutral integration of all technical systems
  • Central event visualisation – one unified user interface
  • Guided workflows to support the operator
  • Reports and evaluations
  • Flexible scalability of the platform
  • Highest security due to latest encryption standards


User Interface: In addition to a modern look, the WinGuard user interface offers multiple design possibilities with the interactive Layout Manager. The user works with an intuitive man-machine-interface providing the contents depending on the respective situation. This is how the highest security level is ensured, even in case of various incidents all happening at the same time.

Event Workflows: Depending on the surrounding conditions and his own system entries, the WinGuard Event Workflows guide the user through the required measures for a quick and secure resolution of the situation. Daily operation is significantly simplified. Furthermore, they offer innovative possibilities for individual sequence control and organisation of the event message processing.

Notifications: WinGuard Event Routing offers a dynamic forwarding of event messages to workstations and mobile devices. Furthermore, it is also possible to send text messages and voice recordings.

Video Manager: Using the WinGuard Video Manager, analogue and digital video systems can be controlled. Image displays, PTZ control and archive access are realised in a unified way, provided that the connected systems offer these functions.


Finance & Administration: In financial and administration buildings, the full scope of security, building, communication and network technologies is applied. WinGuard’s advantage is that it covers the total range of deployed systems. In addition to area and perimeter protection, access control and video monitoring, the technical utilities are also included, e.g. emergency power supply. Furthermore, there are personal security and communication systems. Defined maintenance intervals can be easily monitored via the Facility Management module.

Prison & Forensic: Prison and forensic institutions place high requirements on their security management system. In case of an event, WinGuard is able to cross-reference with an occupant database which pro-vides important occupant information. WinGuard offers multiple layers of redundancy and disaster recovery solutions as required by these facilities.

Industry: Cross-linked fire alarm and sprinkler systems in spacious industrial plants are clearly visualised by WinGuard. These may be viewed freely in scalable plans or map views. Emergencies can be responded to immediately, thereby ensuring employee safety. Critical condition messages from different areas can be handed over to WinGuard for detailed processing and reporting. Printout of escape route plans in case of incident can be automated. Use of mobile clients can also leverage limited resources.

Transport & Traffic: Airports, rail networks, ports and road systems all have numerous video and emergency call systems deployed remotely. The same applies to parking management systems. WinGuard enables centralised monitoring in an integrated, well-arranged user interface.

Data Centres: Data centres are highly secured buildings. In addition to the conventional security systems, environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity or power consumption are all critical elements that require surveillance. Monitoring these critical conditions allows for events to be generated prior to costly repairs or services needing to be made. Any breakdown of emergency systems, such as uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and generators is detected, for an immediate initiation of the appropriate actions.

Critical Infrastructures: Organisations that are very important for the community require special security. Energy suppliers, waterworks and municipal facilities need early risk detection as well as clear processes in case of an event, in order to avoid supply bottlenecks. The ideal reaction to any breakdown or impairment minimises the consequences for public safety.

Hospitals: Clinics, assisted living or retirement homes have unique system requirements. By integrating emergency, nurse call and intercom systems, WinGuard offers first responders comprehensive information. WinGuard also monitors the security-relevant building equipment, hazardous materials and control substances.

In addition to these application examples, WinGuard is a highly configurable platform for any application and vertical.


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