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Lodging Systems - Mobile Access Solutions

Convenient, reliable and secure for both the hotel property and guests, dormakaba's Mobile Access Solutions are a secure, end-to end mobile credential application utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the preferred communication technology for dormakaba mobile enabled RFID hotel locks.

dormakaba’s line of BLE hotel locks: Our RFID hotel locks are the basis for a simplified transition to reliable mobile access. With dormakaba’s Mobile Access Solutions, hotels can issue and manage keys on mobile devices to access guest rooms equipped with dormakaba mobile enabled RFID locks. All dormakaba RFID locks currently in use can be converted to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for mobile access applications. dormakaba’s latest RFID door locks give operators a flexible choice for guest entry options when the time is right to go mobile.

Enabled via LEGIC Connect:  dormakaba’s mobile access credential delivery is enabled via LEGIC Connect. The LEGIC Connect service operates in a high-secure and scalable data center. The system can be easily extended to other applications such as accessing parking areas or elevators. LEGIC Connect allows for mobile credentials to be automatically delivered to guests’ mobile device, allowing them to go straight to their rooms and improving efficiency at the front desk.

Mobile Access Consulting & Services: Our Mobile Access Programs (Mobile Access Rapid Adoption Program, Mobile Access Integrator Program, Workshops, BlueSky Access) have been tailored to meet any hotel’s needs in the deployment of their mobile strategy. They offer multiple services that help operators simplify BLE mobile access adoption with their RFID locks.

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