Product Summary

Argus Air self-boarding eGates support passengers and staff throughout the entire boarding process. They enable seamless transitions with a single registration. The sound ergonomic design of the systems guides users intuitively. The hygienic touch-free use facilitates access with luggage, wheelchairs, or children. The improved sensor system offers high separation accuracy.

  • Reduce amount of time needed to board an aircraft
  • Save staff and dedicated ground handlers can assist on special needs
  • Reduce long term cost
  • Improve passenger flow
  • Future driven with new technologies

Product Details

  • Full facial recognition system from one single source. Third-party hard or software may also be integrated
  • NFC and e-passport reader available
  • Optional printer with Easy Load for fast paper change
  • Elevated door wing heights for higher security

Technical Details

The dormakaba eGates have a proven track record not only with correct alarms (i.e. in cases of intentional misuse of fraudulent behavior) but also the lowest false alarm rates of any eGates available on the market.

  • Based on our experience with live units in the harsh airport environment, the false alarm rates are at an extremely low average rate of 2.4 %, depending on the exact surrounding conditions and PAX behavior. This low number of false alarms is important because it guarantees the smoothest possible boarding procedure without unnecessary interruptions.

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