Keep your door safe

Daily check-list for your door

For safe and efficient entry doors, we recommend that the unit is inspected weekly. For high-traffic areas involving children, the infirm, or the elderly, daily checks are recommended.

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Daily routine checks

As part of having a safe and efficient entry door, we recommend that the unit is inspected weekly. If, however, the unit has a high traffic flow and involves children, the infirmed or the elderly, daily checks are recommended as part of your housekeeping regime to the premises.

We recommend the following are checked:
  • Check all traffic approaches to the unit are clean and clear of items such as furnishings, advertising boards and general items that cause disruption to the normal use of the entry
  • Check all threshold areas are clean and have no trip hazards or deteriorations to mats and threshold strips
  • Visually inspect the door leaves and adjacent walls, glass and frames for any deterioration, damage or wear. Note the door bases (near the floor) for impact damage
  • Operate any devices that allow mechanical operation such as push buttons or key switches

Have you noticed?

Questions to ask yourself during the daily inspection

This questions help you during the inspection of your door:

  • The door unit is performing differently when it opens or closes:
    • It may be banging open or closed
    • Is it moving slower?
    • Are the overhead sensors responding more slowly to people?
  • Are there unusual noises coming from the door system, such as rubbing, squeaking or banging?
  • The usual indicator lights of the sensor do not come on when you walk in their vicinity?
  • Have building refurbishments or alterations been carried out affecting travel paths?
  • Have other trades been working in or around the door unit?
  • Has the entry altered from its original BIM?


These are all indicators that your unit may need attention to its safety and operations systems and if not attended will compromise the safety and convenience of users. You will need to consider a Service call by one of our qualified technicians.



Preventive maintenance

No time for down time?

Prevent door failures and safety issues by scheduling maintenance with our qualified technicians. Ensure optimal function, safety, and comfort for staff and visitors to your premises.

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