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Smart and connected access solutions for office buildings

Situation today

How to foster productivity while increasing security?

Every company has to think about the future. How much and what kind of space will it need in a year's time? What kind of working environment is required? How does the company see its future? Offices require flexibility, with adaptable room concepts, coworking spaces and free movement of people - alongside integrated building security and access control.

We offer integrated, connected access systems and concepts to secure your employees' know-how and assets and efficiently manage your people flow. Our products and solutions consider all aspects of design and usability. They create an inviting working atmosphere and areas where employees, customers and visitors can enjoy personal interaction and be creative and productive.

We assist businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to agencies, medium-sized companies and global players, consulting on and customizing access concepts according to their specific demands. We help keep buildings secure and people flows safe, and optimize operational processes.

Reception and lobby

The entrances to a company building is the first touchpoint for employees and visitors - and one, that needs to be controlled. We provide you with automated doors and smart access control systems to help you manage your people flow more easily.

Special access points and personal safety

In office buildings with multiple levels, doors need to combine different functions and safety requirements, from emergency exits to fire safety doors and more. Our door solutions comply with security regulations to protect the people and make access safe.

Employee offices and co-working spaces

The presence of personal items, valuables and confidential information make access to employee offices and spaces a sensitive matter. To ensure exclusive access for authorized individuals, we offer access control that let you manage access rights flexibly.

Conference rooms and meeting spaces

From conference rooms to lounges and communication spaces, we provide flexible access systems that offer open structure and attractive design. We help create a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere, that fosters creativity.

Research and development and production areas

Protecting sensitive information starts with authorized access. We offer access systems such as personal interlocks and sensor barriers, that combine software with electronic locking mechanisms made of resistant materials.

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Everything from a single source

We provide service on a global scale, ensuring consistency and compatibility.

Holistic consulting

Professional teams of experts provide you with customized solutions and specifications to meet your individual requirements.

Efficient optimization

We optimize operating processes that enhance security, transparency and efficiency.

Ease of use and outstanding design

We provide modular, easy-to-use solutions that combine aesthetics with functionality.

Sustainable economic efficiency

We offer solutions that are energy-efficient and save you time and money in the long run.

Impressive technology

Technical innovation is key to our products and guarantees the future viability and flexibility of your business, as well as continuous improvements to your operations.

  • "The main reasons why I decided to go with exivo are security, flexibility and freedom."
    Louise Steyaert

    Louise Steyaert


  • "We were impressed by the combination of great standard functionalities and individual customization."

    Franz Almhofer-Amering

    Corporate EHS & Facility Manager, Miba AG

Solutions at a glance

Spotlight on: the exivo access control system

Seamlessly control and manage access rights for your office building

Exivo image

The Cloud-based access control solution exivo ensures you have your organization’s access rights fully under control at all times, for every room and every person. Whether you’re securing shared offices, co-working spaces, or highly sensitive areas, exivo enables you to manage access rights easily, securely, and efficiently. You always have a clear overview of who is entering which areas and when.

Cloud-based door access

Easily grant access to employees, customers, and visitors via Cloud-based door access from your mobile phone, tablet or PC. exivo adapts to your needs, you decide which doors need to be additionally secured with electronic and wireless locking components. You can change or cancel access rights whenever you want, and adapting and updating the system couldn’t be easier.

Your benefits
  • Option to rent out spaces and rooms on a flexible basis and manage access via the Cloud

  • Insights and tracking of real-time usage and previous activities

  • Secure access system requiring no additional software or servers

  • Easy, intuitive and user-friendly operation

  • A system that is always up to date in terms of functionalities and security, with no need for action on your part

  • Stable, transparent costs

  • Full support from and operation by your exivo partner

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