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Every year, despite the use of fire detection systems and smoke detectors, hundreds of thousands of fires wreak havoc on buildings worldwide with devastating consequences. This is why preventive fire safety is so important when planning a building: effective protection saves lives. It's not just fire-resistant doors themselves that play a decisive role, but the door components used to build them. These have to balance building code requirements with functionality and convenience.

Local building codes and special building regulations determine how fire compartments need to be designed in order to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in the case of an emergency. Fire doors are certified for safety based on compatible, fire-tested materials and components. If the door is tampered with or fitted with hardware outside of the certified installation guide provided by the manufacturer, this will nullify the certification and create an unsafe door.

Fire compartments

Fire compartments prevent the spread of fire to neighboring buildings and other parts/floors of a building. Fire compartments are therefore always formed between the outer and inner walls of a building.

Smoke compartments

Smoke compartments can be created with the help of smoke protection closures. These can include smoke protection doors, for example, which delay the penetration of dangerous smoke and fumes.

Components for fire doors

In order to guarantee structural fire safety, fire and smoke protection doors must be designed to be self-closing. Overhead door closers, floor springs and swing door drives can ensure reliable closing.

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