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With dormakaba EACM, you can secure your company against unauthorised access and register your employees' hours of work, easily and directly from your SAP system. Whilst still using your standard user interfaces and existing IT infrastructure. dormakaba EACM comprises of four core applications that enables integrated access management and time and attendance in your SAP system: personnel, access control, device and media management. The deciding factor: everybody involved benefits from the system's comprehensive functionality. With dormakaba EACM, you don't need any additional sub-systems, as the access control and time and attendance are directly integrated into your SAP ERP system. This integrated approach is unique on the market.

Product Details

dormakaba EACM access

dormakaba EACM access is an organizational access control solution for SAP users. With this Kaba solution, granting access authorizations will become an integral part of your company's business processes.

  • Your Human Resources department manages your employee's access rights in a simple and convenient manner within your SAP system.
  • The granting access rights and profiles is automated and based on the employee's role (location, workplace, qualifications, etc.).
  • Employees request new access rights via SAP Workflow.
  • Access components communicate directly with the SAP solution.
  • dormakaba EACM access makes use of the existing SAP system, using the SAP Organizational Management, Business Workflow, Authorization Management, Alert Management, and Reporting components.
  • Access control within the SAP system can be updated with new versions, making it a safe investment; it is transparent and scalable, and provides you with organizational efficiency.

dormakaba EACM time

dormakaba EACM time provides a completely automated T&A process for SAP users, from the registration of working time through to accounting.

  • The SAP ERP personnel time registration system receives all the data recorded on Kaba terminals and automatically calculates the different working hours for each employee based on their saved personal time model.
  • Employees can register their presence and absence times and keep themselves informed about the current status of their individual time accounts.
  • The direct integration with SAP makes the registration and objective calculation of presence times even easier.
  • dormakaba EACM time uses the existing SAP system, in particular the Organisation Management, Personnel Management, SAP Business Workflow, Authorisation Management, Alert Management and Reporting components.
  • All the other data that is registered is sent to the corresponding SAP modules for further processing.
  • Time registration management within the SAP system is transparent and scalable and a secure investment that will stand up to scrutiny during audits, whilst ensuring organisational efficiency.
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