Product Summary

With the dormakaba access manager 92 90 you can combine the whole product portfolio of the security specialists, dormakaba Group, in a coherent access control solution. The control unit has its own decision logic and plausibility checker which gives it a great deal of autonomy and means it can be integrated flexibly into any security concept.

Product Details

  • There are powerful, flexible standard functions available which can be used for alarm and door management security functions. It records sabotage attempts and intrusions, forwards this information and raises the alarm.
  • The control unit is usually installed in the secure area which protects it from tampering and sabotage.
  • Up to 16 access control readers can be connected to the control unit and monitored. The dormakaba compact readers 91 04 and 91 10, the dormakaba remote reader 91 15 with registration units 90 0x, or for biometric applications, the dormakaba biometric reader 91 50 can also be used like the subterminals of previous generations.
  • You can store up to 50,000 master records and 100,000 booking records in dormakaba access manager 92 90.
  • The manager supports CardLink which makes it possible to integrate standalone components such as digital cylinders into the access system.
  • Customer-specific extensions such as integration into intrusion alarm systems, lift control or random rejection can be programmed individually using the macro programming language, AVISO.
  • The access manager supports the LEGIC and MIFARE RFID standards and many others on request.
  • As well as the wall mounted version there is a 19" rack version offering convenient installation and connectivity for the subterminals.
  • It is easy to integrate the dormakaba access manager 92 90 into existing systems.


The dormakaba access manager 92 90 can be used for a range of applications, from simple access control to security for complex, highly sensitive areas of the business. In doing so, it takes over access management as a whole, opening doors and turnstiles, controlling escape and evacuation routes or alerting external security organisations.

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dormakaba access manager 92 90
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