Product Summary

MATRIX Professional Connect is a subsystem for attendance recording in connection with HR systems such as SAP. The essential SAP certificates are available. MATRIX access controls are combinable with all options for other access controls. The set-up of interfaces is done via a dialogue interface. MATRIX Professional Connect can also be combined with all options for access controls.

  • Time recording for SAP and other HR host systems
  • CSV is also suitable for non-SAP systems
  • MATRIX information portal provides individual staff information
  • Time recording via terminal or the WEB
  • Indication of connection status and reports
  • Time terminals to simulate real time calculation

Product Details

Easily connect MATRIX Professional Connect to SAP
Get set-up, maintenance and monitoring of a permanent interface for SAP HR PDC. There is a clear division between employee data from SAP and locally-entered employee data. Comes with support for SAP client function. Each SAP client is given their own interface definition. All parameters for communication with SAP can be done via a MATRIX dialogue.

Administration of dormakaba terminal for attendance recording
The peripheral equipment for attendance recording is completely administered and monitored via the MATRIX dialogue interface for device management. The real-time calculation for the terminal peripheral equipment can be used with SAP attendance recording.

Full integration of MATRIX Professional Access
Self-sufficient access functionality with common workforce base. Possible use of all MATRIX options.

System monitor
The system monitor clearly shows the communication status with the host system. Status information for last data transfer is easily and clearly presented. During breakdowns, service reports can be created at the touch of a button and sent to the dormakaba hotline.

WEB info portal for employees
The MATRIX employee info portal gives employees access to their data on time bookings, current balances and WEB bookings for the pre-defined booking types.

Connection to HR systems from other manufacturers
Via the CSV interface or with a customer-specific interface configuration using the dormakaba Integration Manager. Customer-specific set-up together with the dormakaba Project Engineering team.

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