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Secure interlock system with two automatic doors for isolation wards, operating theatre anterooms or laboratories

An automatic interlock system is an essential component when it comes to safely and hygienically separating areas such as isolation rooms and zones and preventing unauthorised access. This is to ensure better control of the spread of foreign particles, air quality and temperature.

Specifications and classifications

Fire protection: optional

Barrier-free design: according to DIN 18040 and DIN SPEC 1104

Escape route/escape route security: in accordance with the EltVTR (German directive for electrical locking systems on escape route doors) and EN 13637 and EN 179

Anti-burglary device: intruder protection subject to approval

Access control

Emergency opening

Service: installation, commissioning and maintenance

Safety in use: DIN 18650/EN 16005

Product overview

01 SafeRoute AP emergency exit and escape route system with flexible licensing model 
02 Contactless sensor button
03 Compact reader 91 10
04 Emergency-escape lock with automatic motorised locking action SVP 2000
05 Detachable cable loop KÜ-480 and LK 12
06 Flatscan safety sensors
07 Swing door operators ED 100/ED 250
08 Door locking device STV 200
09 Remote escape route control system SCU DR
10 Access manager 92 00


Two systematically controlled doors form an airlock system, meaning that they cannot be opened simultaneously. When not in use, both doors are closed and secured. Access is automatic and touch-free with the swing door operators ED 100/ED 250. This supports essential infection protection measures. All relevant components are interconnected via the access control system. This means only authorised personnel are allowed to use the doors

  • Interlock system with two automated doors, powered by the ED 100/ED 250 swing door operators and SafeRoute emergency exit and escape route system
  • Hygienic opening and closing of interlock doors
  • Automatic, contactless opening of the first interlock door after the user has been authenticated
  • Automatic opening of the second door after the first door is closed;  no additional authorisation required
  • Access permission with an access medium via the Compact Reader 91 10
  • The SafeRoute emergency exit and escape route system monitors the locking device
  • Door release in case of danger
  • Information on the door status given by the integrated light ring


Whether for a new system, an upgrade or a modernisation – we offer installation, commissioning, maintenance, repairs and spare parts services.

Possible applications:

  • Hospitals, clinics, medical centres, pharmaceutical facilities

Emergency exit systems

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