About us

dormakaba Taiwan

Dorma and Kaba are now dormakaba. Our merger underscores our commitment to you, our customer. We offer products, solutions and services for secure access to buildings and rooms – now all from a single source. With more than 150 years of experience, we stand for security, sustainability and reliability. Tradition & technology. Service & security. Competence & comfort. No matter what sort of door application you are planning, dormakaba has the door system to operate it.

Convenience comes from the ability to find the right solution from a single source

This is the simple principle that guides the dormakaba business. dormakaba provides single components as well as customised integrated solutions covering door hardware, entrance systems, electronic access and data, mechanical key systems, lodging systems, safe locks, interior glass systems, movable walls and service divison.

A trusted partner to architects, designers, distributors, fabricators and builders in Taiwan, dormakaba is fast building a reputation for product reliability and impeccable customer service.

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