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ED400-IG Floor Closer

The ED400-IG in-ground floor closer enables your application to meet access requirements and still maintain the desired architectural design, such as an arched door or an all-glass façade. This revolutionary new operator conceals the automatic components in the floor near the door threshold.

  • Automatic components concealed in the floor
  • Low energy or full power mode
  • Completely weather proof
  • All ED400 operator functions available
  • Value-conscious price


Low energy or full power mode

The ED400-IG functions in either low energy or full power mode, and can be used in both new construction and retro-fit applications. dormakaba partnered with Opcon Manufacturing Systems to construct a closer that directs the energy generated by the ED400 drive unit to the pivot in a rotating motion, thus allowing consistent, smooth operation.

Completely weather proof

The install box that stores the operator is completely weather proof and is only 7" deep.

All ED400 operator functions available

All ED400 operator functions, such as Push & Go, Power Close, and Lock Interface, are fully available in this application, which dormakaba is nonetheless able to offer at a value-conscious price.