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Media Releases 2014

2/7/14 - New division: Kaba focuses and strengthens business in Asia

PDF 49.99 KB 30.06.2016

Kaba is adjusting its group structure. The existing Access + Data Systems (ADS) EMEA/AP division is being split into an ADS EMEA division and an ADS AP division.


11/6/14 - Kaba increases its investment in India

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Kaba acquires another 25% of the shares of the Dorsët Kaba joint venture and gets majority stake (from 49% to 74%). Dorsët Kaba employs around 1,000 people and achieves annual sales of CHF 22 million. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.


12/3/14 - Half-year results to 31 December 2013: Kaba posts growth and keeps investing

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Kaba, the globally active security group, reported growth of 3.3% for the first half of the 2013/2014 financial year, generating sales of CHF 480.9 million (prior year: CHF 465.7 million). In local currency, the Group grew by 4.3%, compared with -3.7% in the previous year.


12/9/14 Annual results to 30 June 2014: Kaba reaches 1 billion Swiss francs of sales

PDF 39.79 KB 12.07.2016

Kaba Group has posted pleasing results for the 2013/2014 financial year. The company reached the major milestone of one billion Swiss francs of sales: consolidated sales rose 4.1% to CHF 1,003.5 million (prior year: CHF 964.3 million). In local currency, sales even went up by 5.2%. This outcome easily exceeded Kaba’s target of 1.5% to 2.5% organic growth.


13/11/14 - Capital Market Day: Kaba pushes innovation for sustainable, profitable growth

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At today’s Capital Market Day, Kaba Group will be providing in-depth information about its investments in innovation and markets. The event will center on market developments and product innovation in the Access + Data Systems (ADS) business in general, and the ADS Americas Division in particular.


16/1/2014 - Kaba Group: Frank Belflower to resign

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Frank Belflower (60) is resigning for health reasons with effect from 1 March 2014 from his position as Executive Vice President Group Business Development and member of the Executive Committee of Kaba Group.


18/2/14 - Kaba expands activities in Brazilian market

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By acquiring Task Sistemas de Computação S/A, based in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Kaba Group is expanding its activities in the promising Brazilian market. The company, which has its own assembly operation, supplies private and business customers through three offices and more than ten distribution partners.


24/11/14 - Important move towards settling 2010 class action litigation in the USA

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A proposed settlement has been reached between the representatives of the plaintiffs and Kaba with regards to the 2010 class action litigation in the USA. The court has granted the preliminary motion and a final hearing is scheduled before the end of FY 2014/2015.


27/2/14 - Kaba switches from IFRS to Swiss GAAP FER

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The Board of Directors of Kaba Holding AG has decided to change to Swiss GAAP FER for the preparation of the company's consolidated accounts as from the new financial year (starting 1 July 2014). Kaba's registered shares remain listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and are still included in the Swiss Performance Index (SPI).


28/10/14 - Annual General Meeting approves all Board proposals

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Shareholders have approved all proposals at the Annual General Meeting of Kaba Holding AG. Therewith, all statutory amendments necessary as a result of the adoption of the Minder Initiative have already been implemented this year by Kaba Holding AG.


3/11/14 - Kaba strengthens access control product portfolio in North America

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With the acquisition of Canadian company Keyscan Inc., a recognized specialist in networked access control solutions, Kaba strengthens its product offering in North America. Besides stand-alone and wireless access control systems Kaba now also offers networked solutions.


31/7/14 - Acquisition of majority stake in Dorsët Kaba completed

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The acquisition of further 25% of shares in Dorsët Kaba is completed


7/11/14 - Kaba strengthens position in transponder key market

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Kaba Group has acquired Advanced Diagnostics Ltd. of Nuneaton (UK) and its related company Advanced Diagnostics USA Inc., based in Las Vegas (USA). The companies specialize in developing programming equipment for the automotive industry.