We aim to be leading innovators

Innovative thinking has been at the heart of our company for more than 150 years. The clearest evidence is our range of smart access and security solutions, which are the foundation of our business. We aim to be leading innovators in our sector.

The merger that created dormakaba has enabled us to provide our customers with a broad and innovative range of products from a single source. To ensure that our customers are always ahead of the competition, we constantly question and review our business, our products, and our processes: What are the current market and technology trends, how are customer requirements changing, and what does digital transformation mean not only for our sector, but more importantly for our company and our employees? Innovation however is a term we do not apply until we are creating added value – for our customers, our business, or our employees.

Innovation = expertise + the courage to break new ground

Innovation needs competence. We have it in the expertise of our employees, who develop access solutions for the buildings of the future. An ongoing exchange of knowledge and interdisciplinary collaboration allow us to continuously learn and progress.

Innovation needs courage. We encourage all our employees to develop their own ideas. We are inquisitive and open to new concepts. To find them, we expand our horizons, exploring other sectors and uncharted territories.