Résumé du produit

Paxos is the redundant, motorized lock for safes and vaults when it comes to providing maximum reliability, ease of use, programming and installation. Over a course of millions of operating hours, Paxos has proven technology and reliability time and time again.

The next generation Paxos advance IP is the consistent and logical advancement of this reliable and proven technology. It combines highest reliability with user-friendliness and now also allows for a simple connection of multiple lock units and input units in one locking system.

In addition, the locking system can remotely be monitored and configured via an IP network with the AS384-NETW programming software. The remote access to audit data is possible as well.

Détails du produit

Approvals / Certificates

  • EN 1300 B, C, D
  • VdS electronic high security lock, class 2, 3, 4
  • VdS blocking element for IDS class C
  • VdS strike plate contact for IDS class C
  • VdS duress alarm trigger for IDS class C


  • 100 codes per lock with ID+PIN
    • 1 master code
    • 2 opening codes
    • 97 codes with individually scalable opening and access authorizations
  • Code aging, individual name for each code with PIN
    • 1 master code
    • 1 mutation code
    • 1 time code
    • 1 net code
    • 2 AND codes
    • up to 94 opening codes, single or dual opening
  • with multiple lock units
    • Parallel mode
    • Partial locking

Alarm Connection

Pre-condition: IP- or I/O-Box

  • Outputs
    • 3 (8 with the I/O-Box) free selectable outputs, polarity NO/NC selectable. 
    • For instance for monitoring of lock bolt and bolt work position, duress alarm, battery status, tamper status.
  • Inputs
    • 3 (8 with the I/O-Box) free selectable inputs, polarity NO/NC selectable., tamper-monitored if desired.
    • For instance for remote disable, time lock interruption, time delay override.

Power supply

  • Battery power supply
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Mains connection
  • UPS connection

Automatic recognition of the type of power supply. Automatic change-over to alternative power supply in case of power failure.

Input Unit

  • Black plastic housing
  • Silicon rubber keypad or dial knob
  • Integrated battery compartment
  • Graphic LC display with adjustable background illumination and contrast
  • Full text user guidance
  • Operator selectable display language
  • Buzzer
  • Integrated USB interface for programming and audit
  • Combination of multiple input units in one system

Lock Unit

  • Bi-directional, motorized dead bolt
  • 30 N moving force in both directions
  • Adjustable bolt travel 8.7, 12, 14, 15 mm
  • Bolt with 2 threads M4 and centric thread M5
  • Standard footprint
  • Standard housing dimensions
  • Combination of multiple lock units in one system, with main door locks and inner cabinet locks
Safe Lock Paxos advance EEH-TA

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