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Main entrance with automatic revolving door for contactless access

The main entrance to a public building must open to the customer immediately and be secure at all times. The interior and the outside world should also be climate-separated, even if there is a heavy volume of traffic. Contact with frequently used surfaces at the entrance should be reduced to a minimum in order to comply with hygiene protection measures. Of course, people with limited mobility should also be able to have barrier-free access through the entrance.

Specifications and classifications

​​​​​​​Barrier-free design: according to DIN 18040

Escape route/escape route security system:
according to EN 179 and EN 13637 | corresponds to EltVTR (German directive for electrical locking systems on escape route doors)

Access control

Service: installation, commissioning and maintenance

Safety in use: DIN 18650/EN 16005

Product overview
Card reader columns CRP-E03
02 Registration unit 90 01
03 Multipoint emergency escape lock M-SVP 2200 with automatic locking action and dormakaba fail-safe locking cylinders
04 Detachable cable loop KÜ-480 and LK 12
05 SafeRoute UP emergency exit and escape route system with flexible licensing model
06 ED 100/250 swing door operator with Flatscan
07 Door locking device STV 500
08 Access management software according to requirements
09 Access manager 92 30
10 Radar activator
11 Revolving door KTC 2 with integrated automatic sliding door system
12 Security sensor


Smooth, contactless and secure access thanks to a revolving door with integrated sliding door system. This increases the traffic capacities in both directions. The system reduces draughts and helps keep heat within the building. Contactless opening facilitates hygienic and safe passage. The additional swing door is part of the system; it provides barrier-free access and regulates the escape route. 

  • KTC revolving door with integrated sliding door ST FLEX, available in a high variety of designs and versions
  • Touch-free opening and closing of the sliding door
  • Separate automatic swing door system as a side entrance offers barrier-free access for people with reduced mobility
  • Side entrance as an escape route in an emergency


Whether for a new system, an upgrade or a modernisation – we offer installation, commissioning, maintenance, repairs and replacement parts services.

Possible applications​​​​​​​:

  • ​​​​​​​Hotels, banks, healthcare facilities, airports, supermarkets  and public administration buildings