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Barrier-free interior door with automatic, contactless opening via radio or contactless button

With just minimal effort, it is possible to redesign existing premises to comply with standards and make them barrier-free and user-friendly. Simple opening and closing of the door – which should be touch-free for optimal hygiene – is very important here.

Specifications and classifications

Barrier-free design: according to DIN 18040 and DIN SPEC 1104

Interior design

Service: installation, commissioning and maintenance

Product overview
01 PORTEO with hand-held transmitter, BRC radio-operated hand-held transmitter or contactless with Magic Switch radar sensor
02 Electric strike Basic 448 Lucky
03 Locking cylinder with thumbturn knob


Easy to install: convert an existing interior door into a barrier-free, hygienic access point The compact swing door operator PORTEO, can open the door automatically and contactlessly, or can be used as a support for manual access. When used with the contactless Magic Switch radar sensor, the door can be opened with just a hand movement, as long as this is within the sensor’s detection range. This enables barrier-free, hygienic and convenient access. 
As an alternative to the contactless radar sensor, the opening activator can also be emitted by a hand-held radio transmitter. The radio receiver is integrated into the door operator. 

  • The compact PORTEO swing door operator can make it noticeably easier to open light doors up to 1,100 mm wide or 100 kg in weight
  • Power Assist mode significantly reduces the force required
  • The door is securely closed with a locking cylinder operated conveniently from the inside of the door with a thumbturn knob.
  • Optional integration of the contactless Magic Switch radar sensor for automatic opening
  • Alternatively: use the BRC radio system


Whether for a new system, an upgrade or a modernisation – we offer installation, commissioning, maintenance, repairs and spare parts service.

Possible applications:

•    Private residential areas, medical practices, administration buildings, office buildings, hospitals, retirement homes, hotels and restaurants