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Access to the stairwell, basement or garage through a fully automated fire door

A high passage width should be implemented to provide barrier-free, convenient and hygienic access. Access from outside should only be authorised for entitled persons. After each closing, the door should automatically lock itself. A standard-compliant door solution is required as a reliable safety feature in the building in case of a fire or an emergency.

Product overview
01 Detachable cable loop KÜ-480 and LK 12
02 Compact reader 91 10
03 Access management software according to requirements
04 Flatscan safety sensors
05 Access manager 92 00
06 Swing door operator ED 250 with incorporated smoke detector with integrated power pack (RMZ)
07 Optional smoke detector RM-N, two-sided, for lintels = 1,000 mm
08 Emergency-escape lock with automatic motorised locking action, active, SVA 2000 F
09 Emergency-escape lock with automatic motorised locking action, inactive, SVI 2000 F
10 Locking cylinder dormakaba pextra+
11 Manual release button 

The fully automated double-leaf doors create a wide, barrier-free access point that is convenient and hygienic to use. In combination with access control functions and emergency escape locks, security and escape route requirements can be fulfilled.

  • Automation of the two door leaves with the two swing door operators ED 250
  • The smoke detector integrated in the drive detects the development of smoke during an emergency and closes the doors automatically
  • Authorised access via access medium using a Compact Reader 91 10
  • Fully automatic opening of the door leaves after the self-locking emergency exit lock is unlocked
  • Pressing the manual release button in the inside area enables an easy exit


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