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Access door with automatic sliding door system and touch-free push button

Public interior access points require barrier-free design in different dimensions. Sliding doors do not require as much space as swing doors and facilitate unimpeded, automatic access for more than one person. Alongside convenient access, contactless use of the door for hygienic reasons should also be considered.

Specifications and classifications

Barrier-free design: according DIN 18040 and DIN SPEC 1104

Interior design

Service: installation, commissioning and maintenance

Safety in use: optional DIN 18650/EN 16005

Product overview
01 Push button for door locking
02 Magic Switch radar sensor 
03 LED display
04 Door locking device in the drive unit of the CS 80 MAGNEO
05 Automatic sliding door CS 80 MAGNEO single-leaf


The sliding door operator CS 80 MAGNEO is an elegant option for automating interior sliding doors. The door can either be opened by pressing a manual release button, or the opening activator can be emitted contactlessly by a radar motion detector, whereby just a swift hand motion is required –a user-friendly, hygienic solution.

  • The sliding door operator CS 80 MAGNEO not only opens and closes gently and quickly, it also actively protects the user
  • The optional locking device protects against unauthorised access
  • Electronic control via a conventional button or the innovative Magic Switch door sensor, which responds to hand movements in the space around it and is contactless
  • Alternative for the electronic control unit: radar motion sensor
  • During a power failure, the door can be opened and closed manually
  • Option: indicator light for displaying the locking situation 


Whether for a new system, an upgrade or a modernisation – we offer installation, commissioning, maintenance, repairs and spare parts service.

Possible applications:

  • ​​​​​​​Private residential areas, medical practices, administration buildings, office buildings, hospitals, retirement homes, hotels and restaurants​​​​​​​