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Hygienic opening and closing of sanitary facilities: barrier-free restroom with automated swing door

The configuration of barrier-free sanitary facilities in public buildings should not only offer easy and convenient access, but also...


Hygienic opening and closing of sanitary facilities: the automatic sliding door system with touch-free push button/radar

Access to sanitary facilities in public buildings or to a patient bathroom in hospitals or nursing homes requires barrier-free...


Access door with automatic sliding door system and touch-free push button

Public interior access points require barrier-free design in different dimensions. Sliding doors do not require as much space as swing...


Contactless access control with sensor barriers

Security-relevant areas in sensitive buildings such as banks, office complexes or even pharmaceutical facilities must only be...


Access to the stairwell, basement or garage through a fully automated fire door

A high passage width should be implemented to provide barrier-free, convenient and hygienic access. Access from outside should only be...


Touch-free access to patient rooms via automatic door operator and contactless CleanSwitch radar sensor

In everyday life, doors often present a barrier to vulnerable people such as children, the elderly or people with reduced mobility.


Barrier-free interior door with automatic, contactless opening via radio or contactless button

With just minimal effort, it is possible to redesign existing premises to comply with standards and make them barrier-free and...


Hygienic access to operating theatres with automated hermetic sliding door system

In operating theatres, laboratories and other rooms with stringent hygiene requirements, creating a safe atmosphere – for both patients...


Main entrance with automatic revolving door for contactless access

The main entrance to a public building must open to the customer immediately and be secure at all times. The interior and the outside...


Touch-free opening and closing of the main entrance with an automatic sliding door system

Entrances to facilities such as administrative buildings, banks and supermarkets require door solutions that meet the requirements for...