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Kaba pextra+ Security lock cylinder with extra protection

In the Kaba pextra+ lock cylinder system, key security (key and cylinder are patented) is significantly increased by a key profile produced with a special milling procedure which, greatly hinders manipulation. Kaba pextra+ is the premium dormakaba lock cylinder system for serrated keys and is suitable for sophisticated master key systems with maximum security requirements.

  • International certifications
  • Patent protection until 2032
  • Protection against the bumping method
  • Security card for proof of ownership for duplicate keys
  • Colored key clips for organisation

Product details

International Certifications

  • EN1303 Key Related Security Grade 4 for cylinders with 5 pins; Grade 6 for cylinders with 5 pins with the optional blocking pin and cylinders with 6 and 7 pins
  • EN1303 Attack Resistance Grade 2 with appropriate door furniture or steel reinforcement plates
  • DIN18252 grade 71 for 5 pins or grade 82 for 6 and 7 pin cylinders
  • Meets the requirements of BS 3621 and PAS 24 when used with a suitable lockcase or multipoint locking system.
  • Meets the requirements of Austrian Standard ÖNORM B5356
  • Meets the requirements of VdS Grades A and B
  • Suitable for use in fire and smoke protection doors

Patent protection

  • The system is protected by Euorpean patent number EP2686510 until 2032.
  • Certified against the bumping method; the patented centering pin hinders opening the cylinder with bumping keys.

Security features

  • Anti-pick - overlapping key profile and special tumbler pins that protect against picking.
  • Anti-drill - steel security elements in the cylinder housing and barrel to provide anti-drilling protection.
  • Hard wearing keys providing long and reliable cylinder operation.


  • Master keying - perfect for creating simple yet sophisticated master key systems, to control access for all users.
  • You decide in in your master key system, which keys open which doors.
  • Can form part of an electronic access control system.

Cylinder types

  • Europrofile double, single and thumbturn cylinders with 4 knob options
  • Nordic oval profile cylinders
  • Untion oval profile cylinders
  • Australian oval profile cylinders
  • Rim cylinders for surface mounted door locks
  • Screw-in cylinders
  • Furniture and cabinet locks
  • Camlocks
  • Key switch cylinders
  • Elevator control cylinders
  • Padlocks
  • Bible cylinders
  • Portal double and single cylinders
  • Window and door handles
  • Key deposits and key storage

  • 4, 5, 6 or 7 pin cylinder with up to 10 side entry pins plus optional blocking pin
  • Side locking pins
  • Blocking pin detects illegal key copies and prevents the key from being turned in the cylinder.
  • Overlapping key profile and special tumbler pins protect against picking methods
  • Up to twelve hardened steel anti drill pins in housing and barrel against drilling

Three key types

  • Standard hexaganol bow with optional mini-slips in five colours
  • TrendKey plastic clip in 5 colours
  • Metallclip with coding in 3 colours

More than conventional mechanical security
Kaba pextra+ lock cylinders are available with some 20 additional special functions which provide additional security and convencience.

  • Additional picking protection
  • Barrel pulling protection
  • Cylinder blind on one side
  • Key override from both sides
  • Cam with relative movement
  • Freewheel cam for gear operated and panic locks
  • Emergency key override system
  • Cylinder with occupied indicator
  • Housing reinforced with steel shims against pulling for EN1303 attack resistance grade 2
  • Personnel key
  • Shear break-off against snapping
  • Side locking elements
  • Self changeable cydlinder with one or two change keys
  • Weather protection cap against filth and moisture
  • Sea water resistant barrel
  • Wear resistant barrel
  • Cogwheel cams with 10 or 18 teeth
  • Restrictive movement cylinder available to ensure the door is guarded against being locked from within the room.
  • Anti-ligature thumbturn available to combine safety and security.

Scope of supply

  • Lock cylinder
  • 3 - 5 keys depending on type and country
  • Cylinder fastening screw
  • Security card
  • Installation and maintenance instructions

  • Private homes
  • Apartment buildings
  • Small and medium sized businesses
  • Public office buldings
  • Education facilities
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Airports
  • Utilities
  • Industry