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DORMA BSW Balcony Sliding Wall

Balconies, terraces and verandas are an effective way of increasing your living space. They also provide an extended threshold, linking outdoors and indoors and bringing the wonders of nature closer to the protected living area.

  • Minimalna širina panela: 500 mm
  • Maksimalna širina panela: 800 mm
  • Maksimalna visina panela: 2500 mm sa staklom 8 mm debljine
  • Maksimalna visina panela: 3000 mm sa staklom 10 mm debljine
  • Debljina stakla: 8 ili 10 mm

Product details

For wind and weather protection

DORMA BSW balcony sliding walls – operable glass panels for wind and weather protection – mean that enjoyment of additional outdoor spaces can be extended beyond the warm days of summer to the transitional seasons of spring and fall which, with their many changes and exciting interplay of colors, have much to offer.

An effective solution

Now, DORMA BSW balcony sliding walls – operable glass panels for wind and weather protection – are able to provide an effective solution, enabling these interfaces with the outside to be enjoyed far beyond the summer months. They enhance the quality of life while also adding a new architectural accent. Whether installed on balconies of multi-storey apartment blocks, enriching the façade structure, or as room-high elements for incorporating a terrace into the living area, they can be a real benefit to any building.

All-glass version or fully framed

Depending on requirements, the system can be supplied either in its all-glass version with the lateral glazing edges exposed (BSW-G) or with fully framed individual panels (BSW-R).