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Store your valuables in wardrobes, lockers or other furnishings safely and reliably – and fully cable-free. Upgrade your electronic access control system* with the dormakaba cabinet lock. Secure not only your doors, but also access to important documents, valuables or materials. Simply hold the card against the cabinet door. A green LED light appears and the door opens automatically. Just push the door to close it, and the lock locks again.

*) Prerequisite: existing Kaba evolo Manager or Kaba exos access system

Product details

  • The lock is installed on the inside of the cabinet – no operating control interferes with the design of the cabinet door
  • Integrable – seamless integration into our system environment with digital cylinders, electronic fittings, readers and mechatronic cylinders
  • Simple programming – for permanent or temporary access
  • Long-lasting battery – at least 5 years of operation
  • Cabinet can be opened even when the battery is flat
  • Separate alarm contact – alarm sounds in case of break-in attempts
  • Slim design – even fits under drawers or in roller containers

The cabinet lock is suitable for furniture and cabinets made of wood, metal, glass or plastic.

  • Wardrobes – with "free cabinet selection" operation mode for visitors or resource and space optimisation for lockers
  • Deposit boxes and safes – high level of protection from break-in and monitoring with alarm
  • Roller container – prerequisite for "shared desk" work stations
  • Patient cabinets – with the "close without medium" operation mode, your personal property is protected immediately
  • Post office boxes – whether personalised for confidential documents or with access for a user group, postal logistics are made safer and simpler
  • Medication cabinets – clearly regulated access and traceable use