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Kaba access manager 92 00

Kaba access manager 92 00 is a powerful control unit which satisfies all the requirements of modern security concepts. It manages and controls up to 12 doors depending on the system solution. There is a digital interface for setting up the type of control function required and the alarm management function.

Product details

  • The access manager makes decisions centrally or locally.
  • There are powerful, flexible standard functions available which can be used for alarm and door management security functions. In fact the control unit has a whole library of applications which can be used to meet your requirements.
  • You can set up any type of control function or the alarm management function using the digital interface.
  • The manager is usually installed in the secure area which protects it from tampering and sabotage.
  • Depending on the device software, either two registration units and up to eight compact reader 91 10s or one remote reader 91 15 with a registration unit can be connected to the control unit.
  • The access manager supports Kaba CardLink thus enabling the integration of standalone components such as digital cylinders.
  • It supports the LEGIC prime/advant and MIFARE Classic/DESFire RFID standards.
  • It is easy to integrate the access manager into existing systems.

The Kaba extension modules 90 30 and 90 31 can be used to extend new or existing installations to meet customer requirements, without complex cabling. Extension modules are used when more inputs or relay outputs are required than are available in the access control system. The system is extended by simply plugging the modules into the control unit. This increases the number of inputs for access points or the number of relay outputs.

Areas of application:

  • Extended access control
  • Interlocking door control
  • Activating/deactivating alarm systems
  • Lift control
  • Door/window monitoring
  • Lighting control

The access manager manages and controls several doors. It can activate alarm systems, record sabotage attempts and break-ins, forward this information and send a signal.