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DORMA TS 97 Door Closer

The smallest surface-mounted slide channel door closer stands out with its unique shape. The uniform length of the closer body and slide channels is the hallmark of impressive design. The EASY OPEN technology makes it simple to open the door while keeping the closing process secure. The standard limit stay protects the wall and door against damages. The TS 97 in the Contur design is a sophisticated architectural solution for upscale interior construction.

  • Barrier-free according to German Industrial Standard (DIN) for door widths up to 1100 mm
  • Uniform lenght of door closer and slide channel
  • Easy opening of doors in according to DIN SPEC 1104
  • Low depth (only 37 mm)
  • Adjustable closing force EN 2-4
  • Includes standard limit stay

Product details

The perfect combination of form and function

With the TS 97 door closer, DORMA offers the smallest attached door closer with a slide channel available in project builds. One-piece fronts with interior end caps as well as the uniform length of the closer body and slide channels are the hallmark of impressive design. Like all DORMA door closers with a slide channel, the TS 97 door closer with the proven EASY OPEN technology of the heart-shaped cam stands for a high level of convenience. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the TS 97 door closer fits perfectly into the overall appearance of the door.

Barrier-free design

The TS 97 is ideal for barrier-free doors in accordance with German Industrial Standard (DIN) 18040 for door widths up to 1100 mm. EASY OPEN technology ensures the door can be opened easily and conveniently (resistance decreases almost instantly as door opens), and thus also meets the requirements of German Industrial Standard (DIN) SPEC 1104.