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Working at dormakaba

Whoever gets to know us can feel it right away: We are curious about people and we always expect the best of them. Approaching new colleagues candidly and welcoming them with confidence – for us this is more than just a gesture but part of the culture that has made us successful for years. Trust is what deeply connects people at dormakaba. And it is the perfect start for your career path.

What we are always aware of: Trust is a matter of mutuality. This is why we strive to earn it once more every day – through good and responsible work, through respect for people and their experience, and through genuine colleagueship.

Who takes this to heart can look forward with us: to a working environment in which competence is a door opener and in which exchanging opinions, ideas, and experiences is part of daily business. And in which we stand up for each other as reliable partners. Always accessible and willing to go the extra mile when a colleague needs our support – just as we have backing in everything we accomplish.