The Mobile Access Rapid Adoption Program is a complete service package designed to support the integration of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Software Development Kit (SDK). 

The program is aimed for organizations that plan to develop their own mobile app. It simplifies the learning curve for new customers and reduces risks associated with implementing new technologies. dormakaba developed this structured program based on multiple successful BLE deployments.   

  • Based on defined milestones and deliverables
  • Efficient path to a successful deployment of dormakaba’s Mobile Access Solution
  • Helps reduce cost and time to market of your mobile key access program


In collaboration with the property, a dormakaba representative will define & document the recommended processes and policies for the provisioning of mobile access specific to the day-to-day operations of the property. 

Tekniske detaljer

The Mobile Access Rapid Adoption Program includes dormakaba’s SDK (Software Development Kit), developed and secured by LEGIC Connect, renowned globally for highly-secure communication and identification. 


dormakaba Mobile Access Rapid Adoption Program allows hoteliers to get their dormakaba BLE enable locks fully operational. 

With their downloaded app, guests have the ability to bypass the front desk and go straight to their room, using their smartphones as their room key. 


Following the installation of your dormakaba BLE enabled locks, dormakaba will provide the following services for the deployment of the Mobile Access Rapid Adoption Program: 

1. Configuration of BLE Lab 
dormakaba will install, configure and test the mobile access development environment including the installation of Saflok System 6000. 

2. Developer Training 
dormakaba provides training services to help properties seamlessly integrate the Software Development Kit (SDK) into their mobile application.  

3. Mobile App Validation 
dormakaba engineers test the mobile application to validate the integrity of the SDK’s integration points. 

4. Staff Training 
This train-the-trainer class will be customized based on the user’s environment. After this training, stakeholders will have the knowledge necessary to train and support their staff on day-to-day operations pertaining to mobile credentials. 

5. Technical Support Training 
dormakaba will provide training on the mobile access environment to the support engineers. 

6. Post-Deployment Assessment 
dormakaba will visit the customer after the mobile access solution has been used to address any concerns or issues that may have arisen. 


A dormakaba mobile access representative will assess the local operational environment, activities, and current practices. If any deficiencies in the environment are discovered that could affect the deployment of the Mobile Access Solution, dormakaba will recommend corrective action. All stakeholders are urged to participate in this activity. 

Mobile Access Rapid Adoption Program

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